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Thanks to redeployment (RDL 3/2012) redeployment plans, Grupompleo can offer a set of techniques and strategies to help people who have lost their job in an organisation to find new employment, adding up their personal and professional goals against the reality of the employment market.
They have to face up to losing their job with renewed self-confidence and learn job hunting techniques.

The Redeployment Process offers experienced and specialised professionals, providing each affected worker with a reference consultant, working individually to offer a personalised service adapted to their specific features.
These sessions look at all the basic and essential concepts to be aware of before entering the job market (CV, covering letter, 2.0 resources, job interviews, psycho-technical tests, etc.). They work on careers guidance if necessary and design the best strategy to search for a new job, making it easier to access options offered by the market.

In parallel, tools are provided to manage confusion, focus emotions, work on self-knowledge and self-analysis and free up job stagnation.

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