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Personnel selection


We seek out, assess and select the best professionals

At Grupompleo, we have the experience, technical knowledge and the most advanced technological resources to seek out talent. We provide the right people, depending on your technical and human requirements, as quickly as possible.

The Grupompleo Selection process involves the following phases: Receiving CVs, Selection, Candidate Presentation (reports), Process Report, Joining the Company and Monitoring.

1. Receiving CVs

  • If necessary, drawing up job adverts for the internet, working with the client to decide on specific features.
  • Receiving CVs and preliminary selection of candidates. Rejected applicants will receive personalised notification and remaining candidates will go through to the actual recruitment process.

2. Shortlisting, skills interview

  • A first interview is carried out with the shortlisted candidates to obtain the most relevant information on their training, experience and suitability for the position. Informing the candidate about the features of the position, contract conditions, etc.
  • The candidates selected at interview will take psycho-technical and language tests that will help us to determine if they are right for the position.
  • In order to look in greater depth at the candidates' knowledge, a second technical interview will be held, plus group dynamics and other tests, if required.

3. Presentation of candidates

Once the Selection Process is complete, then a maximum of three final candidate reports will be presented for definitive selection by the company.

4. Process report

Along with the finalist candidate reports, a process report will list the number of initial candidates received, how many candidates were interviewed in the first interviews and the final candidates.

5. Joining the company and monitoring the candidate plus process guarantees

Periodic monitoring will be run on the candidate to check that they are right for the position, guaranteeing this service for up to 6 months.

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