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Digital signature is a service that provides streamlining for massive contract signing that saves printing, filing and postage costs for all the necessary documentation. At grupompleo, not only do we offer you a system for digitally signing manpower supply contracts (digital MSC), we have gone one step further and you can also access the following information in your web area:

  • Contracts (MSCs) that are waiting to be signed or already signed.
  • Basic copy. This allows files to be created with all the basic copies created since a certain date.
  • OHS information, risk assessments signed by the worker, health and safety training certificate, health certificate, fork lift truck driver credentials, food handling certificate, etc.
  • Your account statistics concerning orders, invoicing, workers and absenteeism.
  • Worker's seniority in your company.
  • Worker's CV.
  • Electronic invoicing.
  • Audit documentation: insurance, quality certificates, data protection contract

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