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Team, innovation and service quality

Grupompleo's ultimate goal is to meet customers' needs fully in terms of selecting people for the required positions, appropriate manpower supply, plus service and customer care.

To do this, it is essential to satisfy selected workers as it is their responsibility to cover our customers' needs.

It is essential that our consultants are motivated to guarantee optimum service. Grupompleo management is fully convinced that the company's success fundamentally depends on how its consultants work.

In addition, our company backs new technologies and continuous improvement to get the right productivity, giving the best results, always strictly meeting all legal requirements.

At grupompleo we take Total Quality principles as a behaviour pattern for how to deal with customers, based on the highest level of care and service.


  • GRUPOMPLEO ETT's ultimate objective is to satisfy its clients’ needs to the full in terms of selecting the right people for the necessary positions, making them available as required and everything to do with client service and care.
  • In order to do this, it is essential to ensure that the workers made available to our clients are satisfied because meeting our clients' needs rests in their hands.
  • Maximising the motivation of all employees is essential to the future of the company. The management is fully convinced that the success of the company fundamentally depends on how its employees work.
  • GRUPOMPLEO ETT is committed to sustainability and progressively applies economic, social and environmental Corporate Social Responsibility criteria.
  • GRUPOMPLEO ETT permanently seeks innovation and firmly backs the use and constant development of technology as a tool with which to manage its activities effectively.

All this with the intention of achieving Continuous Improvement in the services which GRUPOMPLEO ETT provides to its clients and strictly complying with all legal requirements at all times.

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grupompleo on twitter


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